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We were there too.
Advisera team
We know how hard it is to start from the very beginning. Sometimes you just need someone who can light your way up to the top, but where to find this person? How to get in touch with him or her? How to ensure that it is exactly he or her who can help you with your idea or product? We have been there too. That is why we created Advisera — a platform where every founder can find a relevant expert for their startup.
What we offer
Hands-on startup experts are all you need on your founder's journey!
Get advice on idea validation or business development of your startup from people with several decades of innovation experience
Wondering how your industry ticks in another country? Talk to industry practitioners for insider information
Go-to-market Experts
Learn how to sell you your customers or enter a new market, be it USA or China
Get feedback on your product architecture or advice on your tech stack from experienced CTO's
How it works
Leave a request
We ask you to fill out a form, where you describe the problem you need help with.
Get a list of offers from experts
Experts reply to your request with their offers, explaining why they are the ones that can help you the best.
Receive a consultation
After you have selected an expert or experts you want to talk to, we set up a consultation for you.
Meet our featured experts!
We don't work with professional consultants, jack of all trades master of none. Our experts are founders, industry practitioners or practice-oriented researches
Eugene Borukhovich, USA
Chairman & COO YourCoach Health | EIR at PHS Fund
Bobby Jefferson, USA
Mike Bradshaw, Finland
Greg Karpets, USA
Grammarly Business General Manager, ex-Head of Sales
Our experts worked with
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