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While working with hundreds of early-stage entrepreneurs, we realized that even if general business advice for founders is relatively accessible, specific advice is hard to come by. Where would you look when you need to understand how to sell to American corporations or which regulations are in place for European banks? We experienced this problem first-hand with our previous product when we tried to enter the US market in a segment, which turned out to be strongly regulated. We failed due to the lack of specific knowledge. After seeing this problem repeating itself with many others, we decided to created Advicera — a platform where every founder can get help through being matched with an appropriate expert who is able to solve specific problems.
Advicera team
Core Team
Having launched startups, incubators, accelerators and corporate innovation programs, we know ins and outs of the startup life
Yuri Kozik
Yuri has been at all sides of the table: entrepreneur, mentor, funding advisor. Having lived in several countries around the globe, he focuses on international business development and is responsible for Advicera growth and strategy.
Daria Sazonova
Daria combines a unique set of experience in marketing, sales, PR, and operations. With her passion for Impact entrepreneurship and having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs herself, at Advicera she works closely with organizations promoting entrepreneurship.
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